maintenance tips

Gardening is one activity that people love but is not for people who have a hectic lifestyle. There is a lot that we do when it comes to beautifying our outdoor spaces. If you already have a garden want to maintain it, here are some tips which can get you the right way to make sure that you have the proper garden(Must Watch).

Keep the flower beds evenly moist

If you are not able to keep up with watering your plants every day, it is essential to note that you do not have to. Although, watering your plants give them the right nutrients but the least one can do is to make sure that the flowering bed is moist to make sure that your plant does not die.

The best time to water your plants

water your plants

Try to make sure that you water your plants when the soil is colder as it will allow the water to seep in rather than evaporating. The best time to water your plants is early in the morning or evening when the sun is down.

Prevent mould formation

Mould is one of the most dangerous things which can kill the plant eventually. Try to make sure that you do not pour water on leaves or plant heads and you can add the water gently to prevent any form of damage.

Try an irrigation system

If you are away for a longer time, you can make sure that with irrigation system you have the right tools to water your plants. All you have to do is to make sure that you can regulate the amount of moisture in the soil, which can allow the plant to get the right nutrients without drying.

Protect your lawn from hot water

It is good to keep track of the temperature of the water, which will allow the right growth to the plants. Note that temperature below 26 degrees can promote growth, but anything above 30 degrees can stun the growth of the plant. If the temperature is rising, you can avoid cutting the grass too short, ensuring that your garden is protected from the sun.

The right time to water the grass

Grass and plants

Grass and plants are two different species, for the best time to water when it comes to grass is 4 to 8 AM. Make sure that you make sure that you have water controls which will allow you to have the garden watered right on a regular basis.

How much to water

If you are watering your lawn, try to use 10-15 litres of water per square meter. This is important to note as excessive water can kill the grass as it can result in mould growth in the grass.